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Dentistry For Kids at 10115 Hickorywood Hill Avenue in Huntersville, North Carolina

Dentistry For Kids is healthcare, which located in North Carolina. They address is 10115 Hickorywood Hill Avenue.
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Phone: +1 704-948-8494


10115 Hickorywood Hill Avenue,
Huntersville, North Carolina
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Customer Reviews about Dentistry For Kids

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    They ARE NOT special needs friendly AT ALL! I was recommended to the office by my daughters orthodontist. My son has cerebral palsy, sensory processing disorder, and Pierre robin sequence. I had the appointment set for 4 months and specifically asked if they were knowledgeable of his disorders and they replied yes and how much they pride themselves on special needs Care. We show up and I explain to them that you have to be up front and honest with my son and that he doesn't understand a lot. They talked to him like an adult and they kept lying to him saying this is the last thing and you get a prize. The dentist offered him two prizes. They kept repeating this over and over again before I went off and told them to stop telling him it was the last time of it wasn't. He is working very hard in therapy on transitioning and building trust you to not melt down and this contadicted this teaching that we have been working hard for. She promised to get him a pink glove because he kept asking for one and never did. She only gave him one prize until I got ugly and reminded her the dentist said two. I left with him in a complete meltdown screaming and kicking for an hour after I left because of how they did him! My 14 year old who gets along with everyone said when they dealt with her afterwards they were very rude to her, they didn't finish her treatment and told her to leave because of my sons meltdown that they caused! She refuses to go back there! To top it off my daughter got her teeth pulled there. They only take one insurance even though she has dual. While my son is on the floor screaming she's telling me I owe $167 to them from over a month prior to this visit. The insurance paid them $125 and I paid $141 the day of the procedure and they want $167 more?!?! They only pulled two BABY teeth!!! My recommendation is to STAY FAR AWAY from this dentist for sure!!!
    July 09, 2017
    by Heather Hemozkiy
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    This dentist listed on provider list with no age stipulation on list or their website. I called and made appointment for my 11yr old daughter. I get call from insurance individual who said they have age stipulation. I then Informed her neither provider list or their website states that. I was told she would talk with dentist Dr. HOLLEY and teturn call in next 2 days. No call ever was received and so appointment was still on book. The office sent many emails confirming which l did and they sent back response Thank you. The appointment was for tomorrow July 21 at 1pm and at 2:30pm today Monday july 20th. I get a voice mail "6 weeks later" from them last minute saying they will not be able to see her now. I never bother commenting negatively but this was the most unprofessional and clear example of disrespect I've encountered. Shame on your office and suggestion would be if your office has additional hidden restrictions , it makes sense to get it clearly state it and follow through with your word.
    December 31, 2016
    by teresa fisher
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Dentistry For Kids is located at 10115 Hickorywood Hill Avenue, Huntersville, North Carolina.